Municipal infrastructure needs permanent, stable funding - an AMO Backgrounder for the Ontario Provincial Election 2011.
Municipal roads and bridges are critical to Ontario’s economy and quality of life and they are a key part of municipal responsibility. Like the rest of Ontario’s infrastructure, age, coupled with the pressures of growth, are fueling the demand for significant new investments in roads and bridges.

Municipal roads and bridges account for nearly half of the $60 billion municipal infrastructure gap¹. In the 1990s, the Province of Ontario transferred almost 5,000 km of provincial highways to municipal governments, adding to our transportation infrastructure burden. In many areas of the province, municipal roads and bridges are the only infrastructure systems that fulfill critical transportation needs to connect people and communities and underpin economic development and quality of life.

Since 2010, AMO has been working with the Ministry of Transportation and other partners in a Provincial-Municipal Roads and Bridges Review. This Review was recommended by the previous Provincial-Municipal Fiscal and Service Delivery Review and is focused on developing options for responsibility and funding of municipal roads and bridges.

AMO believes that funding is needed to support municipal roads and bridges, especially in municipalities that have limited tax bases to support sustainable investments in these systems.

While recent federal and provincial funding for municipal infrastructure, including roads and bridges has been appreciated, long-term, dedicated support for municipal roads and bridges is needed to ensure vital transportation links continue to serve the businesses and citizens of these areas.

¹All infrastructure figures courtesy of the Provincial-Municipal Fiscal and Service Delivery Review Final Report, 2008