August 2018
This year the upload agreement reaches full maturity.  Because of uploading, municipal governments have ramped up infrastructure spending to help close the long-standing infrastructure gap.  In 2018, the upload is valued at $2.1 billion.
Image of chart showing increase to municipal infrastructure spending during provincial uploading
To illustrate the impact of the upload, in 2009 municipal investment in infrastructure was $7 billion.  By 2016, municipal spending on infrastructure increased to over $10 billion per year.   That’s an increase of over $3 billion for the building blocks of local communities – roads, bridges, and municipal facilities.  

Why does the upload continue to be critical for municipal governments?  Over many years, a substantial infrastructure investment gap has developed.  Municipal governments own more than 60% of the infrastructure in the province that’s in need of repair, expansion, or replacement.  Maintaining the upload into the future means the work on closing that gap can continue at a local level.  Ontarians most often mention infrastructure, including transportation, as the biggest problem facing their municipality.