AMO’s Board of Directors is one of our greatest assets. This group, consisting of leaders in their respective communities, contributes its vision, commitment and energy to advance common interests for the good of all Ontario municipalities.

In a broad sense, the Board of Directors is our governing body; it sets AMO’s direction and adopts its policies and its priorities.  As a corporate body, the Board of Directors ensures adherence to legal requirements, as set out in the foundation charter and in the law.  The Board also delegates the overall management of the organization to the Executive Director and a team of professionals.  The Executive Director is responsible for the Board’s strategic orientation process and for its policies, as well as for the organization’s financial and overall management.

Complete details on standing for election can be found in AMO By-law #2; however, generally those eligible to stand for election:

  • Must be eighteen (18) or more years of age;
  • Be an elected official of a member municipality or an employee of a member municipality
  • Not be an undischarged bankrupt; and
  • Not be declared incapable.
AMO’s Secretary Treasurer will invite nomination of qualified candidates at least eight (8) weeks prior to the annual general meeting.  An individual can stand for election in only one elected office or one caucus.

Qualified candidates must also submit a resolution of their council supporting their candidacy for one of AMO’s named caucuses.  

The following is an estimate of time individuals can normally expect to devote for service on the AMO Board of Directors and Executive Committee (i.e., Chair of each Caucus):
Executive Meetings 10 days
Memorandum of Understanding Meetings (Executive Committee)   10 days
Board Meetings 6 days
AMO Conference   3 days
Other Commitments (task forces, other meetings) Up to 6 days depending on interest


Board meetings are normally held on the fourth Friday in September, November, January, March and June and on the Saturday and sometimes the Sunday prior to the AMO Annual Conference in August. The June meeting is normally held in the President’s home municipality. In addition to the Board meetings, Board members may also serve on AMO Task Forces.


Executive meetings are held on the Thursday before a scheduled Board meeting and on the fourth Friday of the month when there is no Board meeting. Memorandum of Understanding meetings are specifically scheduled and are generally monthly.