To keep members informed, AMO provides updates on important issues considered at regular AMO Board of Directors’ meetings. Highlights of the June 2007 Board meeting.

Update on Status of Transportation Standard under the AODA
The Board received an update from London Transit on the status of Transportation Standard developed under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. While it was acknowledged that transit is supportive of the AODA and accessibility, the sector is concerned that the Standard, as it is currently written, will be prohibitively expensive for some jurisdictions.

The Board directed staff to prepare an Alert, requesting AMO member municipalities to participate in the public consultation process once the Standard is released. AMO will also be preparing a response to the Standard.

AMO Discussion Paper on Social Housing
The Board of Directors approved the framework for an AMO Discussion Paper on Social Housing. The paper will tie into the AMO Principles for Housing in Ontario which support an upload of social housing costs and service delivery based on local accountability, integration, flexibility and innovation. The paper will be formally presented at the AMO Conference.

AMO Advocacy Paper “Poverty and the Property Tax Burden in Ontario
The Board approved the AMO Advocacy Paper, “Poverty and the Property Tax Burden in Ontario” which will be presented at the AMO Conference in August. The paper highlights the impact of current municipal-provincial fiscal arrangements (and the resulting high property taxes) on low income families and seniors.

Municipal Energy Plan Template
The municipal energy plan template, created by AMO’s Energy Conservation and Smart Meters Task Force, was approved in principle by the Board. The template is designed for facilities managers to allow them to structure their energy management initiatives, and measure energy consumption and conservation efforts. It will be available to members in the near future.

Waste Electronics and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) and Waste Strategy Announcement
The Board received a report on the recent announcement from the Minister of the Environment designating electronics as the first full extended producer responsibility program in Ontario. The Board also received the Ministry’s proposed Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) on Waste Management Planning, which was developed in response to AMO’s request for an integrated waste management policy framework for Ontario.

Mining Resolution
The Board considered a resolution from Lanark County regarding mining activities on private lands for which the Crown controls the mineral rights. The resolution calls on the Government to reunite surface and mining rights. Members of the Board noted that this issue is a problem not just in Eastern Ontario but in all parts of the province. Endorsing the resolution, the Board directed staff to transmit it to both the Minister of Northern Development and Mines and the Premier.