To keep members informed, AMO provides updates on important policy issues considered at regular AMO Board of Directors’ meetings. Highlights of the November 2010 Board meeting follow:

AMO’s 2009 Federal Gas Tax Fund and Public Transit Fund Annual Expenditure Report
AMO staff provided a summary of the 2009 Annual Expenditure Report for the Federal Gas Tax Fund and the Federal Public Transit Fund. Since the signing of the Agreements, municipalities have spent $1.10 billion of federal funds, generating a total investment value of approximately $4.14 billion.

Update on Climate Change Action
Craig Reid provided updates on the AMO Climate Change Task Force activities and the AMO paper on Climate Change. AMO will also be submitting a response to the Report of the Expert Panel on Climate Change Adaptation that will outline municipal concerns and the need to safeguard municipal flexibility.

AMO Discussion Paper on Municipalities and Long Term Care
The board received an update on the progress of the AMO Discussion Paper on Municipalities and Long Term Care, which highlights an overview of the current and emerging long term care issues and considerations of the municipal role in the current and future provision of this important service. The paper is anticipated to be released early in the new year.

Streetlight Service Costs
The board received an explanation of how streetlight service rates have been calculated for local distribution companies and approved AMO’s response to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) Review for Electricity Distributors Cost Allocation Policy. A communiquĂ© will soon be sent to all members on actions to take to reduce streetlight service charges.