To keep members informed, AMO provides updates on important issues considered at regular AMO Board of Directors’ meetings. Highlights of the September 30, 2011 Board meeting follow:

CETA Developments
Executive Director, Pat Vanini, provided the Board with an update on the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) including meetings with Federal Minister of International Trade, Ed Fast and Canadian chief negotiator Steve Verheuil during the recent FCM Board meeting in Nelson, BC. AMO has developed a resolution which encourages the Province and the federal government to engage with FCM and AMO to address the interests of AMO’s members regarding CETA. More information is available on the AMO website.

2011 Ontario Provincial Election
An update was provided to the Board on the provincial parties’ key campaign commitments, and the information and charts that staff has posted on AMO’s 2011 Ontario Provincial Election website.

Federal Gas Tax Submission
The Board approved the submission of AMO’s 2010 Federal Gas Tax Fund and Federal Public Transit Fund Annual Expenditure Report and Audit Statements to Infrastructure Canada. Members are encouraged to hold gas tax communication events and to include the use of social media in addition to other communication strategies. The Annual Expenditure Report can be found on the Gas Tax at Work website. Follow Gas Tax on Twitter.

Trash Talk Newspaper Insert
The Board was advised of a special “Trash Talk” advertising insert that appeared in Ontario newspapers during the week of September 19th.  The purpose of the insert is to kick-start a discussion in Ontario regarding waste management funding and informing Ontarians about the waste management programs that are currently available to them.

Municipal Hazardous and Special Waste (MHSW) Update
The Board was provided with an update regarding the status of negotiations between AMO, the Municipal Waste Association, the Regional Public Works Commissioners, and Stewardship Ontario in respect to the MHSW program.

Private Members Bill – National Public Transit Strategy
NDP MP Olivia Chow circulated a letter calling for the creation of a national public transit strategy (Bill C-165) and requesting the support of municipalities and other organizations. AMO will write to MP Chow offering support for the Bill while referencing AMO’s analysis and positioning regarding the need for investment in municipal transportation systems including transit, roads and bridges across the Province.

AMO Meeting with Social Assistance Commissioners
The Board was advised that on September 29th, President McNamara hosted Frances Lankin and Munir Sheik, Commissioners of Ontario’s Social Assistance Review, at a breakfast meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to provide input into the proposed direction of their recommendations to the provincial government.