To keep members informed, AMO provides updates on important issues considered at regular AMO Board of Directors meetings. Highlights of the June 22, 2012 Board meeting.

Direction for Blue Box Optimization Strategy

Guy Perry, Director, Stewardedge Inc., and Mike Birett, Manager, Continuous Improvement Fund (CIF) presented an overview of a CIF study that reviewed the blue box processing system in Ontario. The purpose of the study was to review the material recovery facilities (MRF) and the transportation networks in Ontario to determine if there are opportunities to reduce system costs.

The Board supported the recommended next steps for consultation with the municipal sector. The report’s findings will be presented to interested municipal staff and service providers in late July. In fall 2012, CIF staff will have meetings with regional and local municipal representatives to investigate municipal interest and willingness with respect to an optimized model system for blue box material processing.

Update on AMO and LAS Strategic Objectives

The Board was provided with an update on the current status of AMO’s and LAS’ Strategic Objectives, including AMO’s 12 Asks, infrastructure funding, and policing costs among many others,  current policy initiatives as well as, corporate services initiatives including the AMO and LAS website redesign and the upcoming launch of the AMO mobile app, as well as two energy initiatives:

  • A new LAS program that will see seven energy efficiency service providers assist member municipalities with energy retrofits and plans to support municipal compliance under O.Reg 397/11.  Under this regulation, municipalities will be required to prepare energy conservation and demand management plans.
  •  Information for municipal governments interested in developing or hosting renewable energy projects under the revised FIT program.

Results of Blue Box Negotiation for 2013

The municipal members of the Municipal-Industry Program Committee (MIPC) and Stewardship Ontario reached an agreement on the quantum of the 2013 Steward Obligation value during negotiations in mid-June. Actual cash disbursement to municipal governments will be known in the early fall once the CNA/OCNA in-kind allocation has been determined by Stewardship Ontario. Additionally, MIPC reached agreement that the Continuous Improvement Fund (CIF) would receive a 5% contribution for the 2013 calendar year and that CIF would be extended for an additional three years to December 31, 2016. AMO, the City of Toronto and Stewardship Ontario have also agreed to enter into discussions during fall 2012 about the roles and responsibilities under extended producer responsibility (EPR) for blue box materials and Phase 1 municipal hazardous and special waste (MHSW).

AMO’s 2011 Canada’s Gas Tax Fund Interim Annual Expenditure Report

The Board approved the submission of AMO's 2011 Gas Tax Fund Interim Annual Expenditure Report to Infrastructure Canada. This unaudited report shows that municipalities spent $529 million from Canada's Gas Tax Fund on 1,451 active projects worth over $4.1 billion. This is based on municipal reporting to AMO which was due on March 31, 2012. The final report will be released in October 2012. Follow @GasTaxInOntario on Twitter.

Ontario Distribution Sector Panel Review

An outline of AMO’s response to the request for stakeholder input from the Ontario Distribution Sector Panel was approved by the Board.  The Panel has been tasked with providing advice and making recommendations to the Minister of Energy regarding issues related to Ontario’s electricity distribution sector. The Panel is looking for public input on matters such as the consolidation of local electricity distributors and the capacity of Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) to carry-out their foreseeable mandates. AMO’s formal response to the Panel will be organized into three main sections that will discuss issues of governance, consolidation and conservation. This submission will be posted on the website.

Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund (OMPF) Process Overview

The Board received an overview of the OMPF Review process and how AMO is involved. Ministry of Finance is currently in consultations on how to manage the anticipated $100 million reduction by 2016 as the upload program proceeds as well as how to deal with reconciliation of estimated against actual costs of various programs, such as Ontario Works. AMO has set up a consultation approach including a Technical Team to provide best advice to the Ministry on analysis/options, and any mitigation and a Municipal Reference Group to provide input and advice from a broad diversity of Ontario’s municipalities that are receiving OMPF. Ministry of Finance anticipates information on any changes it makes to OMPF would be available to municipalities prior to the 2013 budget setting process.

AND A Reminder:  A Capital Idea! AMO’s 2012 Annual Conference occurs August 19-22

Program Highlights include:

  • The New Secrets to Leadership: Five Powerful Tools to Improve Your Negotiation Effectiveness – Dr. Daniel Shapiro, Founder and Director of the Harvard International Negotiation Program.
  • How much, or how little, have things changed since the meltdown of 2007 – Amanda Lang, Senior Business Correspondent, CBC News.
  • CBC’s Cross Country Checkup Host to Close Conference – Rex Murphy, Host, CBC Radio’s Cross Country Checkup and Weekly Columnist, The National Post.
  • Learning opportunities at approximately 30 breakfast and concurrent sessions on labour relations, infrastructure, planning, policing, water and so much more!