To keep members informed, AMO provides updates on important issues considered at regular AMO Board of Directors’ meetings. Highlights of the November 30, 2012 Board meeting.
Municipal Elections Act 
With the review of the Ontario Municipal Elections Act expected to occur before the 2014 municipal election cycle, the Board discussed key issues of focus for submission to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. The submission will be shared with members when completed.

Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) Response 
The Board approved AMO’s proposed response to the final draft of the Five Year Review of the Provincial Policy Statement (PPS). Among other recommendations, the Board asked that the vision of the PPS be more clearly articulated, drawing all of the principles together in one section to assist in expressing the overall vision of the Province. The “one size does not fit all” principle was also emphasized by the Board for inclusion in AMO’s response as well as a change to the timeframe for future review of the PPS.

Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund (OMPF) Update
The Board received a report regarding the scaling back of the total funding envelope of OMPF and its impact on recipient municipalities. AMO will continue its advocacy efforts to convince the Province to continue reconciling OMPF funding giving the rising costs of several services and policing.

Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) Update
The AMO Board received a presentation from Antoni Wisniowski, President and CAO of MPAC, regarding 2012 assessment updates. The MPAC strategic plan, and its proposed implementation and associated future savings, was highlighted as well as ongoing consultation on voter list quality.

Blue Box Status Update
Municipal representatives on the Municipal Industry Program Committee (MIPC) are working with Stewardship Ontario (SO) and Waste Diversion Ontario (WDO) to better understand the dramatic increase (71%) in the Canadian Newspaper Association and the Ontario Community Newspaper Association’s (CNA/OCNA) in-kind obligation to the Blue Box program for the 2013 funding year. Because of this increase, MIPC has not signed off yet on the 2013 Blue Box funding distribution. AMO expects that this will be resolved and municipal payouts to begin after the WDO Board meeting on December 12.

LAS Update
The Board received a presentation regarding LAS’ recently launched Energy Consulting Service, Energy Efficiency Service Providers (EESPs). Seven regional EESPs are stationed across the province to help capacity constrained municipalities develop local energy management regimes. Why? Because energy costs are the third to fifth largest item in a municipality’s budget. Reducing consumption reduces operating costs. Check out LAS’ Energy Consulting Service on the LAS website.

The Board also approved its 2013 Budget and Strategic Objectives – more information on this will be distributed separately.