Highlights of the August 13, 2016 meeting include:

Collective Municipal Funding for Waste Diversion Transition Work
The AMO Board was advised that on August 10th the Waste Diversion Ontario (WDO) Board approved AMO’s request for additional funding to coordinate and support the collective municipal work for the transition to the Waste Free Ontario Act’s producer responsible framework.   The demonstrated municipal support for this request was considerable and was clearly seen by the WDO Board as they considered the request.  A big thank you to all the municipal councils, staff and associations who sent a letter of support to WDO.

AMO Policy paper on Age-Friendly Communities and Long-Term Care
The municipal sector is increasingly at the forefront of creating age-friendly communities and providing vital services to seniors, including long-term care.  AMO is working to ignite a policy dialogue with the Province on how best to move forward to sustain and enhance these services.  The AMO Board approved a set of principles and a broad range of recommendations that will guide advocacy and be incorporated into a discussion paper in development by AMO’s Task Force on Age-Friendly Communities and Long-Term Care. The paper will be distributed to the membership and relevant provincial ministries in September 2016.

Marijuana Legalization and Municipal Interests
The Board considered a report from the Marijuana Legalization Task Force. The recommendations of the Task Force to improve municipal ability to control marijuana distribution and supply for the well-being of local communities were approved. AMO will communicate the recommendations to the federal and provincial governments and members in the immediate future.

LAS Update
The One Investment Program is seeing significant growth including HISA where the current effective rate is 1.05% with just over $130 million program balance.   When the HISA reaches $150 million the effective rate will be 1.1%.‎ Learn more at las.on.ca.

Surveys on Municipal Infrastructure Investment and Financial Sustainability Research
As administrators of the federal Gas Tax Fund AMO is responsible for reporting on the municipal sector's progress in the management of its assets.  AMO, in partnership with York Region, will survey municipalities of varying types to identify financial strategies with respect to infrastructure investment and achieving financial sustainability. The survey will be piloted in early September and delivered in the fall with a final report to the AMO Board in 2017.