In September 2019, the AMO Board of Directors endorsed a set of five principles that provide a lens with which to evaluate upcoming funding programs:
  1. Universality: Equal access to broadband and cellular services is critical infrastructure for all of our communities and must be considered an essential building block for Ontario’s competitiveness and the long-term prosperity of Ontarians, whether they live in large cities or small communities.
  2. Affordability: Reliable broadband and cellular connectivity must be affordable regardless of where the service is provided. A combination of meaningful partnerships with communities, strategic public sector investments, and significant investments from the private sector, is the only way to truly solve this challenge.
  3. Municipal Role: Municipal governments must be essential partners in achieving provincial and national connectivity objectives. We facilitate timely, orderly and cost-effective deployment of communications and infrastructure, and play an important logistical role as the owners and managers of the right-of-way space where telecommunication infrastructure is installed.
  4. Cooperation: The private and public sectors must work together to find ways to make sure that telecommunication companies are connecting communities with lower densities (e.g. rural and northern areas), rather than exclusively high-density urban centres.
  5. Parity: Gaps between fixed wireless and broadband services need to be filled through the use of strategic public sector incentives and private investment to make sure that a two-tiered system is not created inadvertently.