Sharing knowledge, improving service delivery.

The Ontario Municipal Knowledge Network (OMKN) is a resource for sharing information that matters to Ontario municipalities. Innovative and best practices in more than 30 municipal service delivery areas are captured in a single web-based portal, www.omkn.ca. The Network fosters a culture of knowledge sharing and continuous improvement by undertaking and publishing research and celebrating municipal successes.

There are ideas, research and successes featured on the Network relevant to the entire spectrum of Ontario municipalities – large and small, urban and rural, in every part of the province. This information is collected from around the world.

AMO’s Work

The OMKN was launched in 2009 in partnership with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing through a funding agreement with AMO. It replaced the Ontario Centre for Municipal Best Practices and improved on it, by providing greater web utility and interactivity as well as more comprehensive information on local government developments. 

The OMKN has:
  • Captured, documented and shared the development and implementation of beneficial practices relating to municipal service delivery and operation.
  • Continued research and development of a range of best/beneficial practices. For example, OMKN completed a project with PPI Consulting in 2011 and posted the “Report on Leading Practices in Municipal Procurement” to the OMKN website. This is one of many resources available to municipalities at www.omkn.ca. 
  • Developed partnerships with Ontario Government Ministries and other municipal associations to encourage greater information sharing at municipal conference venues.
  • Shared information in new and innovative ways. The OMKN operates Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts that allow real-time information sharing and collaboration with people across the globe.

Outcome and Long-Term Benefits

The research, reports and information shared through the OMKN are available free of charge. By operating on the web and using social media, information is easy to access and easy to share with others, strengthening a culture of collaboration among municipalities.

Municipalities across Ontario continue to improve service delivery and maximize tax dollars as they learn from the ideas and successes posted on the Ontario Municipal Knowledge Network and share with their peers.