AMO's 12 Asks were developed specifically to address priority policy areas of municipal concern in the 2011 Ontario provincial election. Other Key Policy Issues are listed.
AMO's Top 12 Asks Checklist (with links to Backgrounders)

  • Will meet (or beat) promised upload of $1.5 billion in social service and court security costs by 2018
  • Won’t download costs, or add new ones to Ontario’s limited property tax base
  • Will create a separate, new, predictable and permanent fund for municipal roads and bridges
  • Will make permanent Provincial Gas Tax revenue of about $318 million for transit
  • Will ensure arbitration process achieves affordable, accountable and transparent decisions
  • Will protect taxpayers from excessive insurance claims (by addressing joint and several liability)
  • Will promote personal and producer responsibility for waste (it’s costly; polluters should pay)
  • Will provide tools for collecting $1 billion in unpaid Provincial Offences Act fines
  • Will consolidate housing programs with current or more funding
  • Won’t introduce property assessment or taxation caps
  • Will provide clear, fair energy policy that supports sound planning and investment in our electricity system
  • Will review Development Charges Act (growth should pay for itself)
Other Key Policy Issue Backgrounders: