The leaders of the Liberal, New Democrat and Progressive Conservative addressed many of AMO’s 12 Asks in their remarks to delegates at the 2011 AMO conference.

A short question and answer session on municipal priorities in the upcoming provincial election with Ryerson University Journalism professor April Lindgren also allowed the leaders to expand on the remarks they made during their speeches.

The 2011 AMO conference was held in London and co-hosted by the City of London and County of Middlesex from August 21-24. AMO’s 12 Asks, were developed specifically to address priority policy areas of municipal concern in the upcoming Ontario election and AMO sent them to all municipal leaders in early July. These priority policy areas are summarized in AMO’s Provincial Election Check List of Top 12 Asks.  This “flashcard” highlights AMO’s policy positions in priority areas and provides messaging that can be used throughout the election period. 

For members’ information, AMO has developed a summary of each leader’s responses to the AMO Top 12 Asks from the AMO conference.   This summary has been solely created from what was said, posted or released by the parties during the time of the 2011 AMO conference. Copies of the three leaders’ speeches at the 2011 AMO conference have [or will be posted when available] on the AMO Provincial Election webpage.

The upcoming provincial election is an important time for Ontario’s municipalities and AMO.  With the provincial election likely to be officially started next week, it is our expectation that we will be able to shortly provide a full analysis of all the parties’ official platforms (once all released) and another chart in addition to this Top 12 Ask analysis of other key policy matters that impact municipal governments.

AMO will continue to keep you informed on significant election issues for municipal governments through future Breaking News, on the AMO Provincial Election webpage (also accessible through AMO’s home page), and through the weekly electronic AMO Watch File.