AMO’s Lens on the Election

  • Local Share:  A 1% HST increase (generating $2.5 billion a year) dedicated to municipal infrastructure needs would offer financial sustainability to municipal governments year over year. Ontario’s municipal governments collectively face a $4.9 billion a year funding gap every year for the next 10 years consisting of infrastructure and operational costs, most of which are mandated by provincial laws and regulations.  Relying on the property tax base to address this gap is not sustainable and continues to put upward pressure on municipal governments to significantly increase property taxes each year or reduce services. AMO therefore challenges Ontario’s political parties to outline their plan to address this municipal fiscal sustainability problem.
  • Local Say:  Provincial laws and regulatory standards need to reflect the diversity of Ontario’s municipal governments.  All too often there is a one-size fits all approach.  Instead, the Province must actively listen and act to give municipal governments the respect and trust we need to make policy decisions that fit our communities, not Queen’s Park.
  • Affordability:  Practical changes by the province to reduce the regulatory burden and address unfunded mandates placed on municipal governments would stretch our tax dollars and help municipalities deliver services to our residents more efficiently and affordably. 

  • AMO’s Municipal Guide for the 2018 Ontario Provincial Election describes platform promises made public to date. Throughout the election, AMO will be analyzing party commitments against our Local Share/Local Say Lens to assess the impact of campaign promises on municipal governments. The Lens will be the basis of the questions AMO will ask the political parties throughout the election. AMO’s members are encouraged to ask these questions as well.   
  • The language used to describe campaign commitments in this document maybe paraphrased from the cited sources. We have added some facts for context.