Municipal governments deliver critical services that most people depend on every day. We also own the most public infrastructure. But we collect less than 10-cents of each household tax dollar.

When MPP candidates come to your door, ask them:

1. What will you do to help local governments stretch their tax dollars and give them a greater say in how local services are delivered?
  • Cut out the red tape – there are dozens of reports municipalities must file that no one reads. Let’s stick to reporting what matters.
  • Reduce regulations and open the door to innovation. Give municipalities the ability to find better ways to deliver services to their communities.
  • Fix interest arbitration. Wage increases for emergency service workers should not grow at a faster rate than for other municipal employees.
  • Fund any new municipal requirements imposed by the province.
  • Manage climbing insurance costs by putting reasonable limits on municipal liability.
2. Without action, property taxes will rise significantly, maybe even doubling over the next decade. Do you support?
  • Much higher property taxes?
  • Deep cuts to municipal services?
  • Significant changes to provincial legislation that improve municipal services?
  • New municipal revenue?
3. Property tax increases don’t reflect income or how much someone can afford to pay. How will you give municipal governments a greater local share of revenue?
  • Everyone who uses municipal roads and services – visitors, not just residents –  should help pay for them.
  • Sales taxes are used around the world to help fund municipal governments.  
  • A new 1% HST dedicated for municipal infrastructure and services – or a share of existing provincial HST – would provide $2.5 billion for infrastructure work annually.
  • If not this idea, then what other options would you propose that would help close a ten-year, $4.9 billion annual gap?