Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Annual Reporting Module and Outcomes Reporting.

Annual Reporting Module

When identifying costs in the online annual reporting module should a municipality use budget estimates or actual costs?
Please identify actual expenditures in the municipal fiscal year not budget estimates.
I have entered a new project into the online annual reporting module. It says that it has saved it successfully but when I go to enter another project it is not there anymore.
Go into “Update an Existing Project” screen. The field “Project Name” has a drop-down menu; all projects that have been previously entered are listed there.
Our municipality did not spend any federal Gas Tax funds this year, do we need to complete online reporting?
Completing the Online Annual Reporting Module is required every year even when there are no expenditures.
The Gas Tax Agreement requires outcomes related to eligible project category investments. What are these measurable outcomes?
In 2014, the Oversight Committee will develop a set of measures municipalities can use to demonstrate outcomes of infrastructure investments. Each project will have to demonstrate how it has benefitted the community, and how it has benefitted from this long-term, predictable source of funding. Where possible, measures will reflect existing information already collected by municipalities or information that is readily available to municipalities.