The Federal Public Transit Fund (PTF) provided targeted funding for public transit infrastructure.
The Federal Public Transit Fund (PTF) provided targeted funding for public transit infrastructure. Created in 2005 and completed in 2010, this one time funding program allocated approximately $400 million for public transit investments across the country. Through Municipal Funding Agreements, AMO administered $56 million of the Public Transit Fund for 78 of the 79 Ontario municipalities that provide transit service.

PTF funding was distributed in 2006 to municipalities on the basis of transit ridership, using 2004 data from the Canadian Urban Transit Association. The eligible categories included rapid transit, rolling stock, para-transit, intelligent transport systems and active transportation infrastructure.

Over the life of the program, AMO administered municipalities invested more than $59 million through the PTF in 114 transit projects. Due to the ability to accrue interest, this was $3 million more than the initial allocation received from the Government of Canada.

Investments included the acquisition of new buses, improved transit maintenance facilities, rehabilitated and renewed terminals and waiting areas, enhanced transit communication and information technology systems, and expanded para-transit services. Details on municipal investments can be found in AMO’s Annual Expenditure Reports.

The benefits of the Public Transit Fund were documented in the program evaluations completed by AMO and Infrastructure Canada. Dedicating funding for Public Transit allows municipalities to invest in this essential service which results in greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions and cleaner air while contributing to local economic, social and cultural sustainability.