with Help From Canada’s Gas Tax Fund! When a devastating tornado hit Goderich in 2011, there was an outpouring of support.

Residents, local businesses and neighbouring communities all chipped in to help Canada’s prettiest town get back to normal.

Funds for reconstruction were available thanks to the Ontario Disaster Relief Assistance Program (ODRAP) and private sector investments and donations. Funds to plan for the rebuild were not, and that’s where Canada’s Gas Tax Fund comes in. Its flexibility allowed us to invest where and when it mattered the most early on.

The Town of Goderich used the Fund to develop a Master Plan that mapped out future development of historic Town Square and the downtown area. The Plan not only meets our need to rebuild, it charts the course for future development and has put Goderich on a path toward long-term sustainability. Residents and businesses of Goderich will benefit from this Plan for years to come.

Town staff, Mayor Shewfelt, and others in the community have been working with AMO to tell the story of the Gas Tax Fund’s impact in the Town of Goderich. We’ve created a video to share our experience. I am sure you have your own local story, and I encourage you to share it.

The federal Gas Tax Fund is a permanent and stable source of funding for municipal infrastructure. Ontario municipalities receive $746 million per year and invest it into projects that improve the quality of life in our communities. It’s making an impact in all of Ontario’s municipalities.

To learn more about the impact of Canada’s Gas Tax Fund on the Town of Goderich and to watch our video, visit AMO’s website. Also visit www.gastaxatwork.ca to see a map of Gas Tax investments throughout Ontario.
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