Information to assist municipalities in meeting their requirements for the Capital Investment Plan (CIP) and Integrated Community Sustainability Plan.
Capital Investment Plan

What does a capital investment plan include?

The Oversight Committee has agreed to steps that will help municipalities meet the CIP requirement.  Details of the steps can be found by clicking here

Costs associated with implementing this portion of the municipal funding agreement can be used to offset those costs through the Capacity Building provision of the Federal Gas Tax Agreement.

Is there a guide or a template for preparing a capital investment plan?

Due to individual municipal requirements and circumstances, there is no template available. AMO has however developed a short guide that can be found by clicking here.

What other materials can help us prepare a capital investment plan?

The following materials were used during training sessions that AMO held across Ontario in 2008.

Integrated Community Sustainability Plan

What will be required in order to fulfill the integrated community sustainability plan condition of the municipal funding agreement?

The Oversight Committee has agreed that a municipal official plan may demonstrate the principles of the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan. A municipality may also take this opportunity to enhance sustainability through other plans or initiatives. In the case of municipalities without an official plan, municipalities will need to demonstrate through another document the principles of an ICSP.

For further details, click here for a backgrounder on this requirement of the MFA.

What if we want to do more?

If a municipality wishes to build upon or enhance existing plans, the federal Gas Tax Fund is available to support this work, through the capacity building provision of the MFA. In support of those who wish to do more, AMO has developed A Sustainability Planning Toolkit for Municipalities in Ontario, which is available by clicking here. [Note: this document is 9MB and will take a few minutes to open.]

What tools are available to help us?

As part of A Sustainability Planning Toolkit for Municipalities in Ontario, AMO has developed a number of Case Studies that draw out municipal best practices in sustainability planning and implementation:
Are there any examples of Integrated Community Sustainability Plans?

Yes. Initiated in 2007, the County of Frontenac ICSP is a community planning exercise designed to address the region’s environmental, economic, social and cultural sustainability. As a result of eight stakeholder meetings, 15 taskforce meetings, and using various media sources to gather public feedback, the County identified an unpredicted level of public support for sustainability and a willingness to employ public resources to achieve it.

This multifaceted and integrated community outreach program was supplemented by extensive municipal collaboration between the County and its four municipalities which resulted in increased local capacity. The County was able to use this information to identify concrete steps that will help to achieve a sustainable future for its 25,000 residents. As a Gas Tax Award winner, the county’s project serves as an example that fulfills both the requirements and the spirit of the gas tax agreement. Details can be found on their website at frontenac.credit360.com

The Town of Collingwood also serves as a good example of an effective ICSP. Completed in November 2008, the plan seeks to address sustainability by identifying future challenges and potential opportunities. Developed with participation from staff, council, stakeholders and neighbouring municipalities, Collingwood has now set a 40 year path to sustainability. More information can be found on their website at http://www.collingwood.ca/sustainable_community_plan.