Information about the Canada - AMO Joint Evaluation and the National Summative Evaluation of the Federal Gas Tax Fund and Public Transit Fund Agreements.

Canada-AMO Joint Evaluation

Infrastructure Canada and AMO worked together to conduct a joint evaluation of the Federal Gas Tax Fund and Federal Public Transit Fund Agreements. Beginning in June 2008, the evaluation was designed to provide an assessment of cost effectiveness, outline the progress made towards intended outcomes and to develop recommendations to improve the Gas Tax Fund during its extended years.

Positive results were reported by all partners to the Agreement, emphasizing the success of the Gas Tax funding model. The evaluation revealed a high level of satisfaction with the GTF and PTF programs, the process for negotiating the Agreements, project categories and eligibility criteria, and the role of AMO in the administration of funds.

For the complete Canada-AMO joint evaluation, please click here.

National Summative Evaluation

According to the Gas Tax Fund and Public Transit Fund Agreements, Infrastructure Canada was required to conduct a national evaluation of the Gas Tax Fund and Public Transit Fund programs by June 30, 2009. This National Summative Evaluation builds on the thirteen joint evaluations conducted throughout the country, and provides additional review on the use of funds, program management and delivery, and capital spending commitments.

This evaluation found that both the gas tax and public transit funds address a demonstrated need for investment in municipal infrastructure, while providing flexibility and predictability to local governments. The programs align with larger priorities and continue to encourage municipal long term planning and intergovernmental collaboration.  Furthermore, the programs were found to be efficient, cost-effective and accountable.

For the complete National Summative Evaluation, please click here.