The global COVID-19 pandemic has been on-going since March. It has been many months, and municipal governments continue to play an essential role in protecting the health, safety and economic security of residents and business in their communities in every part of Ontario. The human and financial costs are staggering and there is no end in sight; not yet.

Individuals, institutions, and business have made sacrifices and every effort to remain strong and vital despite the challenges. All orders of government have responded with financial and other stabilizing supports.
The response of governments has been characterized and driven forward by unity and collaboration, locally, provincially, and nationally, to advance the interests and wellbeing of our communities.

AMO is proud of its role supporting municipal governments through the state of emergency and onward.  We have kept or members informed, secured countless urgent policy changes, large and small, and helped secure billions of dollars in financial assistance for municipalities. We are continuing to advance efforts for the recovery, focusing on infrastructure investments that underwrite both economic and social development, and on investments to support broader participation in the economy.

“Municipal government is on the frontline every day, protecting residents, providing essential services, and safeguarding local economies. Rebuilding Ontario’s prosperity means building on the remarkable collaboration of all orders of government since the pandemic began in March.  Municipalities will support our residents, our communities, and enterprises large and small, every step of the way.”
Graydon Smith
AMO President and Mayor, Town of Bracebridge
AMO will keep members up to date with news and resource during the pandemic.  All relevant AMO updates are below and please stay tuned for more information and FAQs.

To prioritize questions coming into AMO regarding COVID-19, we have created an email: Please direct your municipally related pandemic questions to this email.