November 19, 2019

The Ministry of Health is consulting on Public Health and Emergency Health Services modernization. This will be a broad consultation with municipal governments, Boards of Health, local Public Health agencies, EMS services, and other stakeholders. AMO will work with our members, partner associations, the Ministry of Health and the Municipal Advisor, Jim Pine, throughout the process to bring forward practical solutions for public heath and emergency health services that work best for residents, communities, and municipal governments.

The video of the webinar launch and two discussion papers are available on the Ontario government website.

Written submissions and completion of an online survey will be accepted up until February 10th, 2020.

Planning for in-person meetings across the province are underway.  Information about the dates and locations will be available soon.

The public can email the Ministry of Health with any questions about the consultations.

People interested in signing up for the government’s “Connected Care Updates” on health in general, can subscribe to the Ministry of Health.

AMO will continue to keep members aware of relevant developments including the response to the consultation.