October 15-21, 2017 is Local Government Week. Understanding municipal government is to appreciate the range of services provided to residents and business community. While some refer to municipal government as the third order of government, anyone that has ever served on a council or worked within its administration will say it’s the first order of government – it is the order of government closest to the people. The week is meant to educate students on the importance and operation of municipal government, but one is never too old to learn. 

Here’s a short quiz to start the education process…
  1. How many municipal governments are there in Ontario?  646 or 444 or 554
  2. Which service is not a service that municipal governments deliver?  Social Housing or Court Security or Clean Water or Public Health
  3. How much of every household tax dollar goes to municipal government?  9%  or  29% or 49%
  1. There are 444 municipal governments in Ontario. The largest municipal government is Toronto (2,731,571 residents) and the smallest is Township of Cockburn Island (less than 5 residents)
  2. This is a trick question as all four are among many other services delivered by municipal government.  
  3. The local share is 9 cents of every household tax dollar (mainly from property taxes). Province gets 44% and federal government gets 47% of that same dollar.