Toronto, ON. August 8, 2000. - AMO President, Michael Power expressed support for the provincial water regulation released today, but underlined the importance of backing the regulation up with infrastructure funding.
The regulation released today enshrine existing water quality objectives and added into law some new standards. The regulation also outlines specific requirements that must be met by provincial and municipal officials responsible for drinking water management, which will go a long way in clarifying provincial and municipal responsibilities.

"AMO is committed to working with the Province and communities throughout Ontario to ensure that all drinking water is protected. The health and safety of Ontarians must come first," said Michael Power. 

While today's regulation is considered a good interim step, AMO looks forward to working with the Province and others to ensure that Justice O'Connor's Public Inquiry is able to carry out its important mandate. Justice O'Connor's recommendations are expected to provide the most comprehensive guidance for future rules to protect drinking water quality. 

AMO is reiterating its call to the provincial and federal governments to accelerate and make available the necessary investments in infrastructure funding that is needed to maintain and improve Ontario's drinking water system. "Regulations alone are not enough. There must be significant capital dollars allocated to fixing the problems," said Michael Power. "AMO has today accepted the Premier's invitation to provide input into the upcoming Canada-Ontario infrastructure program negotiations. We are hopeful that those discussions will be successful." 
The Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) is a non-profit organization with member municipalities representing 95 per cent of Ontario's population. The mandate of AMO is to promote, support and enhance strong and effective municipal government in Ontario.

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