Toronto, Ont. - August 10, 2004 – The Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) appreciates and supports the government’s announcement today to allow the expansion of red light cameras throughout Ontario.
In November 2000, Bill 102, the Red Light Camera Pilot Project Act, received proclamation. It allowed six municipalities (Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, Halton, Peel and Waterloo) to pilot test red light cameras at various intersections. Vehicles which drive through red lights at these intersections were photographed and the owners of the vehicles were fined.

The government has repealed the sunset clause over the pilot program, so that all municipalities across the province will be able to join the program – if they choose to do so.

To join, a municipality must make a request to the Minister of Transportation. The Ministry will then contact the municipality to work out an agreement. The agreement will be similar to the current one for the pilot projects, and will deal with a variety of issues including signage, the provincial government recovering any of their one-time costs, and a monitoring program to ensure that the cameras are having an impact on safety. Every few months the Regulation will be updated to include new municipalities with agreements.
The following is the AMO news release sent today regarding the announcement:

Toronto, Ont. - August 10, 2004.  AMO appreciates and supports the government’s announcement to allow the expansion of red light cameras throughout Ontario.

Under the plan, announced today by the Minister of Transportation, the Hon. Harinder Takhar, all communities will be allowed to participate in the red light camera program. “The government is showing confidence in Ontario municipalities, by giving them the tools needed to do what they do best – serve and protect their citizens,” said AMO President Ann Mulvale. She added, “We look forward to working with the government on implementing this initiative and developing other safety programs.”  

The Red Light Camera Pilot Project, which was tested in six Ontario communities, has been a safety success. In areas where the cameras operate, fatal and injury collisions have dropped by almost 7%.

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