Over the years, AMO has have recognized some previous AMO presidents, some long serving municipal officials, including staff as well as others who have worked with dedication to promote municipal government.
The inscription to this year’s award reads: “In recognition of the invaluable support and contribution you also make to your communities, in the past and going forward.”

Accepting the award on behalf of all partners is Marilyn Power who represents the essence of the recognition. While Marilynn could not attend the annual banquet, she did send her remarks. 

“To the partners of politicians - No one ever gave a handbook to you on what it means to be a politician’s wife or partner.  And it is probably a sure bet that you didn’t fully appreciate the impact. But as soon as your partner is on a municipal council, you are involved too.  And your family holds that commitment also. The recognition tonight of the important role that spouses, partners and family play is heartfelt. I am truly moved. And I am fairly confident that very soon, someone at your table, either to your right or left will lean over and say “Thank you.” So from the great North, I send you my sincere appreciation for this recognition and my best wishes. Congratulations.”  Marilyn Power.