AMO is very pleased to add Michael Power to the AMO Honourary Member in recognition of his extensive dedicated service and leadership over the years to the Association and the municipal sector.
Michael Power and AMO:

Michael retired from municipal government last October.  He held the position of Mayor, Municipality of Greenstone in his beloved northern Ontario.  His involvement in AMO stretches over almost 30 years, and he worked diligently to knit together and elevate the interests of all municipal governments.  Highlights of his AMO involvement follow: 

  • President:  1987-88, 1997-2000
  • Vice President: 1986-87, 1993-95, 1995-96
  • AMO Board Member:  1983-85, 1996-96, 2005-10
  • Was a member of the Board off and on since the early 80’s and was also a member of previous AMO Standing Committees and Task Forces including Planning Act, Fiscal and Labour Committees, member of the Provincial-Municipal Fiscal and Service Delivery Review and represented the Association on other provincial committees over the years.
  • AMO appointed Michael as its OMERS Administration Corporation Representative in 2009 and was previously appointed by the province to OMERS in 2004. 
Among his many achievements, Michael led a governance structure review of the Association in 1997 that created a more inclusive Board, based on a caucus structure and the use of Task Forces rather than Standing Committees – a change that allowed more and more of the membership to be involved in the Association.  He saw the value of principled policy positions built on the practical and in-depth knowledge of front line municipal officials.

Previous Honourary Members of the Association are:
  • J. WILFRID SPOONER; Mayor of Timmins, Ontario from 1952 to 1955,  represented the electoral district of Cochrane South in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario from 1955 to 1967 as a member of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party. Minister of Municipal Affairs (1966)
  • W. SCOTT MCKAY (Municipal World, one-time editor and publisher – his father Kenneth was founder); McKay was president of the Ontario Good Roads Association in 1946,and was OGRA secretary-treasurer from 1957 to 1967
  • MARIE CURTIS (one-time reeve of the former village of Long-Branch  (1953-62 ); member of Metro Council, where she was a charter member — and the first woman to sit on the powerful executive committee with "Big Daddy" Gardiner;  six years as executive director of the Association of Mayors and Reeves of Ontario
  • MICHAEL J. SMITHER, Editor and Publisher of Municipal World.