TORONTO, Ont., October 18, 2018 -- Ontario’s municipal governments are ready for election day on Monday, October 22. Are voters ready to cast their ballots?

“All Ontarians are impacted by the decisions made by their local councils,” said Pat Vanini, Executive Director of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO). “Getting informed about local candidates and voting on election day are just two simple ways to show you care about your municipal government.”  

This is Local Government Week in Ontario. Municipalities deliver critical services that people rely on every day. This includes good roads and public transit, clean drinking water, local parks and recreation, libraries, policing, fire services, paramedics, and much more. We know that these services matter to Ontarians, and so should voting in local elections.

Voter turnout in Ontario’s municipal elections usually hovers around 44%.  The ultimate way to celebrate local government week is to vote on October 22.

Many municipal governments offer more ways to vote than the traditional ballots at a polling station. In a growing number of municipalities, the voting booth comes to the voter through online and mail-in ballot or voting by phone. The use of internet and phone voting has increased 143% since the 2014 election. Every community is unique. Many are working hard to encourage people to vote by making it even more accessible. Visit your municipality’s website for more about how you can vote.

“Municipal clerks are dedicated to ensuring smooth, effective elections and to make it easy as possible for people to vote locally,” noted Andy Koopmans, Executive Director of the Association of Municipal Managers Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario (AMCTO).
The City of London will be the first Ontario municipality to use ranked ballots. Under this system, voters rank their preferences, rather than choosing just one candidate.  Municipal election law was changed recently to permit this alternative approach.

“I want to thank all candidates who have stepped up to serve on local councils across Ontario,” said Jamie McGarvey, AMO President. “Thank you to those who have decided to step down from Councils after years of service to your community.”  

AMO operates an online database with information about each individual municipal election, including a list of candidates that is updated in real-time on election night. Visit to learn more.
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