AMO’s Submission to Standing Committee on Finance.
AMO President Doug Reycraft presented AMO’s pre-budget submission yesterday to the Standing Committee on Finance in Ottawa.  In his speech, President Reycraft identified the upcoming Federal Budget as an opportunity to renew Federal interest in the priorities of municipal government and address key issues facing local communities today.  

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance (FINA) launched its public hearings on the 2006 pre-budget consultations to be held from September 18 – October 27, 2006.  The title of the consultation is “Canada’s Place in a Competitive World” with a focus on the future of Canada as a nation and ensuring the future prosperity of all citizens and business.        

AMO’s submission to the Standing Committee focused on the following key areas: 

  • Federal-Provincial Fiscal Imbalance:
    The Municipal Sector supports Premier McGuinty’s position on the Federal-Provincial fiscal imbalance, and that Federal funding programs should be allocated to the provinces and territories on a per capita basis.  We recognize that fixing the Federal-Provincial fiscal imbalance will further the Ontario Provincial government to end its reliance on the municipal property tax base to the tune of over $3 - Billion a year. 
  • Stable Funding and Cooperative Relations:
    The Municipal Sector requires long-term sustainable funding approaches to respond to a variety of needs of our local communities and meaningful participation and cooperation of all three orders of government to support Ontario communities to be liveable, sustainable and competitive in the national and global marketplace.