At its November 18, 2006 meeting, AMO’s Board of Directors confirmed the appointment of municipal representatives to the Political Table and the Coordinating Table of the Provincial-Municipal Fiscal and Service Review process.

  1. Need for the widest representation possible (i.e., not have duplicate representation from same municipality) on these two Tables; and
  2. The political representatives should have broad base of support and recognition among their peers and in terms of coordinating representatives that they have broad experience, preferably having worked in more than one municipal jurisdiction since they will be representing the entire sector on a broad array of issues. 
The Review will be overseen by a Political Table of provincial Cabinet Ministers and municipal elected officials, including eight elected municipal officials selected by AMO.

AMO’s 8 representatives on the Political Table are:
  • Doug Reycraft, AMO President, Mayor of the Town of Southwest Middlesex
  • Roger Anderson, AMO Immediate Past President, Chair, Durham Region
  • Bob Sweet, Mayor of the Town of Petawawa
  • Michael Power, Mayor, Town of Greenstone, AMO Past President
  • Hazel McCallion, Mayor of the City of Mississauga, AMO Past President
  • Peter Hume, Councillor, City of Ottawa
  • Richard Adams, Mayor, Town of Parry Sound
  • Eddie Francis, Mayor, City of Windsor 
A Coordinating Table of provincial and municipal staff officials will coordinate the work of the Review under the direction of the Political Table.  The AMO Board approved the appointment of the following municipal CAO’s to the Coordinating Table: 
  • Ria Colquhoun, CAO, Perth County
  • Jim Pine, CAO, Hastings County
  • Rob Petrie, CAO, City of Thunder Bay
  • Roy Hardy, CAO, Thames Centre
  • Steve Robinson, CAO Town of Cobourg
  • Mike Garrett, CAO, York Region
  • Mike Trojan, CAO, Niagara Region
  • David Court, CAO, Algoma DSSAB
  • Joe Torlone, CAO, City of Timmins
  • Nigel Bellchamber, General Manager, Ontario Municipal Administrators Association
The goal of the Review is a new and sustainable provincial-municipal fiscal and service delivery relationship for the 21st century.  The broad-based Review will include the funding and delivery of provincial health and social services programs as well as other important matters.

The joint Review will be guided by the following principles:
  1. Strategic and Forward-looking - The Review will focus on a new fiscal and service delivery partnership for the 21st century.
  2. Affordable – Solutions must work and be consistent with the fiscal plans of both orders of government.
  3. Flexible – Arrangements should acknowledge the diversity of Ontario’s municipalities (single, upper and lower tier municipalities) and areas of the province (north-south, east-west, and rural-urban).
  4. Accountable – The roles and responsibilities of each order of government in delivery and/or funding of a given service should be clear to avoid duplication and overlap.  
  5. Transparent – To the greatest extent possible, service delivery and fiscal arrangements should be straightforward, consistently applied and not complicated by ad hoc adjustments.
  6. Good public and fiscal policy– Changes in fiscal and service delivery arrangements must be driven by a clear public policy purpose and evidence that new arrangements will better achieve that purpose.
  7. Fair and Equitable – Solutions should be fair and equitable for the Province, for municipalities, and for taxpayers.
  8. Responsive – Delivering a high quality of service that responds to the needs of Ontarians.
  9. Sustainable – Long term solutions should be sustainable for both the provincial and municipal governments and recognize the ability of both orders of government to manage financial risks.
While the Review is occurring over a period of more than a year, AMO will continue its advocacy efforts on all matters that impact Ontario’s municipalities.  AMO will continue to seek further advances for municipal governments in Ontario outside of the Review process.