The Premier announced on September 10, 2006, that consumers will be able to return all LCBO containers (glass, plastic, tetra-packs and aluminum cans) to Brewers Retail for a deposit return starting in February 2007.
Earlier this year, AMO, in partnership with the Association of Municipal Recycling Coordinators (AMRC) developed a proposal to improve the efficiency of the Blue Box through deposit-return.  In June 2006, the draft paper was circulated to Ontario municipalities, municipal waste managers and recycling co-ordinators, the Province and a number of other organizations seeking comments and municipal support. 

Based on overwhelming support from AMO members, in August 2006, the AMO Board approved the position paper, entitled Improving the Efficiency of the Blue Box Program.   

With yesterday’s announcement by the Premier to proceed with LCBO deposit-return, the Government showed leadership and an important commitment to environmental stewardship.  AMO issued a news release yesterday recognizing the importance of the Premier’s announcement. 

AMO wishes to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of AMRC members on our Waste Policy Task Force in the development of this paper, which has yielded this sought after result.  AMO also wishes to thank member municipal governments for their support in this important matter.  

The program is to roll out starting February 1, 2007.  Between now and then, there are a number of issues to be considered and decided by the Provincial Government.  AMO will work with the Ministry of the Environment to ensure that implementation planning reflects the interests of municipal governments in Ontario.