Canada and Ontario Announce Approval of COMRIF “Intake Two” Projects.
The Honourable Tony Clement, the federal Minister responsible for the Canada-Ontario-Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund (COMRIF), and the Honourable Leona Dombrowsky, provincial Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs announced COMRIF Intake Two approvals today at ceremonies in Orillia and Port Hope, with simultaneous regional news conferences across Ontario.

Intake Two of the COMRIF program was launched on June 16, 2005 and closed on September 30, 2005. Through Intake Two, over 300 applications were received by the COMRIF Joint Secretariat and reviewed through a competitive and merit-based process of application evaluation.  

The announcement today commits over $235 million in combined provincial and federal funding to Intake Two projects; with municipal contributions this totals over $340 million in local infrastructure investment.  Priorities for Intake Two were the same as for Intake One, including: water quality and wastewater (sewage) systems; solid waste management; and, roads and bridges.  

Details of the announcement, including a backgrounder listing all approved projects, is available by contacting the COMRIF Joint Secretariat at 1-866-306-7827 or on the COMRIF website at www.comrif.ca.

The announcement also included a commitment to launch COMRIF Intake Three in the coming weeks.  

While AMO is working in partnership with Canada and Ontario on the development, promotion and monitoring of the COMRIF program, AMO did not play any role in the assessment of project applications or the selection of projects for approval.

AMO will keep members informed of the status on COMRIF Intake Three. AMO continues to advocate for additional funding to address the significant infrastructure deficit at the municipal level of government.