AMO’s Pre-Budget Submission Calls for New Fiscal Arrangements.

A copy of AMO 2007 Pre-Budget Submission and a copy of Doug Reycraft’s remarks are linked to this Alert for your information.

The Submission builds on AMO’s campaign for a new provincial-municipal fiscal relationship to strengthen the competitiveness of Ontario’s communities and help build a strong Ontario.  

The Submission focuses on the overall provincial-municipal fiscal gap that sees over $3 billion a year of municipal property taxes going to a range of provincial health and social services programs like the Ontario Disability Support Program, the Ontario Works program and drug benefits for low income Ontarians.

Among other matters, AMO highlighted a number of areas of concern for municipalities including:

  • the need for a sustainable funding program for municipal roads and bridges;
  • the cost to municipalities of providing services to Crown Land;
  • the cost to rural property taxpayers to fund the Provincial Government’s farm tax reduction program and the Provincial Government’s managed forest tax reduction program; and
  • the need for an immediate review of the Development Charges Act to end the municipal subsidy of growth and development.   

AMO’s submission recognizes the importance of the Provincial-Municipal Fiscal and Service Delivery Review that is currently underway and reminds the Government that the 2007 Budget provides an excellent opportunity to begin to lay the groundwork for a more sustainable fiscal future for Ontario’s communities.