AMO President, Doug Reycraft, responded to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s Bill 140, Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2006, in a submission to the Standing Committee on Social Policy.
President Reycraft expressed AMO’s concern with the Bill’s excessively heavy-handed approach to regulating the operation of municipal homes for the aged.


On October 3, 2006 the Government of Ontario introduced Bill 140, legislation that will, if passed, govern all long-term care homes in the province. The Act repeals three Acts currently governing nursing homes, charitable homes and municipal homes and necessitates amendments to approximately 30 other acts.

Today President Reycraft issued a reminder that municipalities subsidize the provincial long-term care system by a net of $270 million a year and that municipalities, recognizing the need for long-term care services in their communities, provide standards of care that exceed the provincial standard. 

The President stated that it is perplexing that the Government, through Bill 140, is risking the viability of municipal homes for the aged through heavy-handed legislative measures. He stated that the government seems intent on fixing something that, in the case of municipally operated services, is not broken.

Key issues raised included: that the Bill creates unprecedented liabilities for municipal governments and their councils, the need for recognition for the role and importance of municipalities in the provincial long-term care system; that increased administrative burdens and standards should be funded by the Province, and that the Province should meet its commitment of $6,000 per bed per year.