The Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) Board approved the discussion paper on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).

In February of 2007, AMO/AMRC released a discussion paper on EPR for consultation to the AMO and AMRC membership. This paper focused on the inequities of the current Blue Box funding mechanism and proposed a new funding mechanism through which the industry would pay 100% of the costs for non-recovered Consumer Packaging and Printed Paper (CPPP). This was accompanied by a list of recommendations of how to improve the effectiveness of the Blue Box through litter reduction initiatives, strengthening recycling markets and encouraging EPR at a federal level.    

As a result of the comments received during the consultation period from both municipalities and industry, the discussion paper was modified to recommend a phased-in approach to full EPR for CPPP. The first phase would establish a 50% cost sharing arrangement between industry and municipalities for the full cost of recyclable CPPP, which includes a portion of litter and garbage costs. The second phase calls for a full EPR system that requires industry to take on 100% of the full cost of all CPPP. AMO also consulted on the revised paper and received tremendous support from member municipal governments. The AMO Board of Directors approved the revised paper at its June Board meeting. 

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