The Federal Government intended to meet with provinces/territories and the municipal sector to conclude agreements on new funding programs including the “Building Canada" infrastructure plan.

The 2007 Federal Budget announced a new $8.8 billion Building Canada Fund to provide infrastructure funding to provinces and territories, allocated on a multi-year, per capita basis. Ontario’s estimated share of this fund is $3.4 billion over seven years for both provincial and municipal infrastructure investment.

The Building Canada Fund will focus on projects of “national importance”, including projects for cleaner air and water, modernizing infrastructure, and enhancing the quality of life for communities. It will replace several existing federal programs, including the Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund (MRIF) and the Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund (CSIF).

AMO has stressed to the Government of Canada the importance of ensuring that the amount allocated for municipal infrastructure is clearly defined.

Discussions will soon be underway between the federal and provincial/territorial governments and the municipal sector regarding determination of the parameters of this infrastructure funding, including eligible project categories and how the funding will be allocated .

AMO will ensure that municipal priorities are clearly and forcefully articulated in these discussions. AMO will continue to support and advocate for a flexible national framework that allows for sustainable and secure programs tailored to meet the needs of individual jurisdictions, both provincial/territorial and municipal, based on an entitlement approach.


AMO has been successful in its efforts to secure municipal sector representation alongside Infrastructure Canada and Ontario in the development of the parameters of the Building Canada fund.

AMO will keep its members informed as progress is made regarding planning for this funding to support predictable longer-term infrastructure funding for Ontario’s municipal governments.