The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care provided 5% funding growth for mandatory public health programs, and, undertook a public consultation on staffing and care standards in Long Term Care facilities.

Public Health Funding: The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care will be limiting public health funding grant allocations to 5% growth on 2006 allocation for mandatory public health programs. Other public health programs such as infectious disease control and childhood vaccines remain fully funded by the province.

The Government has moved towards the committed 75% - 25% provincial-municipal cost sharing of public health bringing the total provincial spending to approximately $416 million annually. Despite this important shift, many health units require annual funding increases that well exceed the 5% funding cap. 

Long-Term Care: Former Saint Elizabeth Health Care President and CEO, Shirlee Sharkey has been named by the Ministry to conduct a review of long term care staffing and care standards. The Long Term Care Homes Act, 2007, received Royal Assent in June 2007. AMO had expressed concern with the potential of increased administrative and staffing requirements under the new legislation without increased funding. We are hopeful that the consultation with key stakeholders will provide a reasonable and appropriate regulatory approach that is supported by provincial funding.

Action: AMO will continue to monitor developments in both programs. Both Public Health and Municipal Homes for the Aged are part of the Provincial Municipal Fiscal and Service Delivery Review currently underway.