Information about the notification process for permits seized under the Ministry of Transportation's Accessible Parking Permit (APP) Program.
Municipal parking authorities are being asked to notify MTO regarding any permits issued under the Accessible Parking Permit (APP) program seized for misuse


In January 2006, the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) introduced a new Accessible Parking Permit (APP) program, replacing the Disabled Person Parking Permit program. Designed to improve access for people who need permits, the new APP program makes it more difficult for individuals who attempt to abuse the system. Accordingly, APP permits are equipped with enhanced security features that help to reduce misuse and fraud. To ensure the success of the new program and to ensure that legitimate permit holders have access to designated parking spaces, greater coordination between local parking enforcement and MTO is required.

MTO is asking municipalities and parking enforcement officials to notify the Ministry of any permits seized for misuse. Enforcement officers are entitled under Section 28(2) of the Highway Traffic Act to take possession of a parking permit when fraud is suspected or if the permit has expired. When this information is passed on to the Ministry it will place a warning flag on the permit holder’s file. Depending on the outcome of the court appearance, the enforcement agency may advise MTO of the outcome of the court case. Under Section 26(3) and (4) of the Highway Traffic Act, the Ministry may cancel the permit.


Notification of seized permits as well as follow-up notification regarding the outcome of court appearances should be directed to the License Renewals Unit of MTO by either fax or mail:

Ministry of Transportation
License Renewals Unit – APP Section
P.O. Box 9800
Kingston, ON  K7L 5N8
Fax: 613-545-4678

The notification should include the name of the permit holder, permit expiry date, date permit seized, descriptive reason permit was seized, the municipality/enforcement agency providing the notification. Rather than send seized permits to the Ministry, municipalities are asked to destroy them once they are no longer required for court purposes.