As of April 2008 municipalities no longer pay the regulated price for electricity.
When the Regulated Price Plan (RPP) ceases to apply to municipalities, municipal organizations will pay the hourly market rate for electricity.

In preparation for the move to the hourly market by municipalities, the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) would like to help municipalities understand what this means for their operations.

To aid in this effort, AMO is working with the IESO to address municipalities’ specific needs. The IESO will be developing information products for municipalities to increase awareness about the end of the RPP in the sector as well as offering workshops this autumn. Information offered will help Ontario municipalities to better manage their energy needs in the electricity market and to better and more quickly adapt to this new environment.

To ensure municipalities have the best information possible, IESO will be commissioning research to better understand information needs in the municipal sector. To do this, IESO’s partner, Navigator Ltd., will be contacting several municipalities, asking them to participate in research (likely web based) and/or focus group exercises. The information gathered will be directly applied in creating focused products to ease the transition to the electricity market for municipalities in Ontario. If contacted, members are encouraged to participate. 


The IESO is a not-for-profit entity established by the government of Ontario to manage the province’s power system so that Ontarians receive power when and where they need it. Their customer education programs provide:

  • Information about how Ontario’s electricity market works
  • Tips on how to save money on electricity bills
  • Resources to help make the most of energy investments
For more information about the IESO, visit their website at www.ieso.ca/business.