AMO’s Sustainability Planning Toolkit for municipalities in Ontario and case studies were sent out to municipalities.

Under the Federal Gas Tax Agreement, funds have been allocated to all of Ontario’s municipalities for investment in infrastructure that achieves cleaner air, cleaner water and lower greenhouse gases. In return, municipalities are expected to show demonstrable progress towards sustainable community planning. This Guide provides a set of thirteen practical tools to enable any municipality to identify where it lies along a “sustainability continuum” and to choose the specific tools that are most appropriate to its unique circumstances, to realize tangible progress towards greater sustainability. These tools, based on lessons learned from case studies of various Ontario municipalities, provide practical advice regarding, for example:

  • how to make the case for new sustainability planning;
  • how to engage key stakeholders and the community as a whole;
  • how to link sustainable planning with the new accounting practices related to the PSAB and the requirement of a Capital Investment Plan;
  • how to collaborate as a group of municipalities (e.g. at a County level) to capture and effectively utilize federal gas tax funding.
The Guide also describes some innovative and economically attractive approaches being taken by a number of Ontario’s municipalities through a series of case studies.

At the 2008 AMO Annual Conference there will be a concurrent session on the toolkit and presentations by two of the case studies. AMO is also working on education and training related to the toolkit for later this year.