Canada and Ontario announced a Call for Proposals on Local Immigration Partnerships.
Through work of the Association’s Municipal Immigration Committee (MIC), an initiative to support sustainable local solutions that enhance the successful integration of immigrants in Ontario has been announced.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and the Ministry of Culture and Immigration (MCI) have issued a Call for Proposals to establish local and regional partnership councils comprised of a wide range of community stakeholders including the municipal and/or regional government, community organizations, settlement agencies, language training providers, local associations and employers. Other relevant partners could include sector councils, regional newcomer employment networks and economic development corporations that will coordinate and enhance the current local service delivery network providing services to immigrants. Strategic partnerships between service providers and organizations will be created through Local Immigration Partnerships.

The objectives to be achieved through Local Immigration Partnerships include:

  1. Improved access to, and coordination of, effective services that facilitate immigrant settlement and integration.
  2. Improved access to the labour market for immigrants.
  3. Strengthen local and regional awareness and capacity to integrate immigrants.
  4. Establish or enhance partnerships and participation of multiple stakeholders in planning, and coordinating the delivery of integration services.

Since the signing of the Canada Ontario Immigration Agreement, AMO has been working with Canada and Ontario to inform immigration policy and planning in Ontario.