The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) distributed a survey inviting comments and feedback to assist in the development of regulations for the Long Term Care Homes Act, 2007.

In June 2007, the Long Term Care Homes Act received Royal Assent. The Long Term Care Homes Act replaced three exiting pieces of legislation governing nursing homes, charitable homes and municipal. The next step in the legislative process is the development of regulations and the proclamation of the Act into force.

The introduction of the Act in 2006 raised many concerns for municipalities regarding standards and governance. AMO’s advocacy resulted in the amendment of accountability measures that would have seen operators and members of boards - including municipal councillors - personally liable for the failure to meet the requirements of the Act.

The government has made important steps towards ensuring good standards of care are in place, however, the government has not achieved all of its funding commitments to ensure stable and adequate resourcing to meet the increasingly complex care needs of residents.

The Ontario Association of Non-profit Housing and Services for Seniors estimates that current funding supports 2.48 hours of care per resident per day. The Association is calling for an investment of $586 million in fiscal year 2008-2009 to bring this to an average of three hours per resident per day and to address other critical shortfalls in the sector.


AMO encourages its members engaged in the provision of long term care to respond to the survey to guide the Ministry in its regulation process and to inform the Ministry of your local circumstances in providing appropriate care services to residents.