AMO members were invited to join Environment Canada’s Inventory of Climate Observing Networks in Ontario (ICONO).

Environment Canada has developed and recently updated a web-based Inventory of Climate Observing Networks in Ontario (ICONO). The ICONO database will provide provincial climate station information and metadata to all Ontario climate monitoring agencies, information that can prove valuable for the purposes of climate and climate change related research and network monitoring and planning. As a metadatabase, ICONO does not include climatological or meteorological station data observations.

The database is in need of municipal climate station information to form a more complete picture of local climate conditions. Environment Canada has requested AMO member municipalities to support the project.  

AMO members are encouraged to join the system by linking their climate station agencies, if they have not already done so, and to keep their network data current so that better climate analysis can guide policy-making for climate change mitigation and adaptation in Ontario. Once they have been provided with username/password information, users will be requested to enter their climate station metadata and update this information on a regular basis, either annually or as soon as possible after station network changes occur. Local conservation authorities, where available, may be able to assist municipal staff in linking to the system.


AMO members should visit ICONO at http://www.icono.ca/ to get more information about the database and enter “guest” as both the user login and password to access the website. For further information and/or to get specific agency login information to join the network, please contact Joan Klaassen at 416-739-4268 or Joan.Klaassen@ec.gc.ca.