Infrastructure Stimulus Fund and Building Canada Fund – Communities Component funding for Ontario municipalities was announced, totalling $3.4 billion when the one-third municipal contribution is added.

Federal Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, the Honourable John Baird and Ontario Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, the Honourable George Smitherman announced 1,373 successful projects for federal and provincial funding under the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund (ISF) and the Building Canada Fund – Communities Component (BCF-CC). 

Community announcements for individual successful projects are being made by local Members of Parliament, Provincial Parliament and municipal councils over the coming days. 

In Ontario, 425 municipalities submitted 2,700 project applications to the ISF for a total of $6 billion in project costs. Today’s announcement commits $1.9 billion of federal and provincial support to Ontario municipalities under the ISF for 1,190 projects. When cost matched by municipalities, ISF projects will expend $2.79 billion in Ontario.  

Also announced were results of the second round of the BCF-CC which commits $408 million to 183 projects in Ontario communities with populations of 100,000 and under. With municipal contributions, $614 million will be invested under this program. Ontario municipalities made more than 420 applications with total funding in excess of $1 billion to the BCF-CC. 

The application window for these programs was announced on April 14, 2009 with a deadline of May 1, 2009. All projects supported by stimulus funding must be completed by March 31, 2011. 


Municipalities are asked to contact their local MP or MPP regarding project success. AMO will continue to advocate for long-term, sustainable funding for municipal infrastructure.