AMO and the Union of Municipalities of Quebec (UMQ) signed a Memorandum of Cooperation at a joint meeting in Gatineau, Quebec.
The Agreement acknowledges the similar opportunities and challenges faced by municipal governments in both provinces and commits AMO and UMQ to working together on issues of common interest. The AMO-UMQ agreement will promote cooperation and strengthen the influence of the combined Ontario and Quebec municipal sectors.

The Agreement identifies key areas for collaboration, including relations with aboriginal communities, research related to tax policy and municipal services, and environmental policy, including climate change and waste management policy.

In partnership with the government of Ontario and industry, AMO has secured important advances in waste management policy in Ontario since 2005.  Advances include new recycling plans for electronics, household special wastes and used tires that will be funded 100% by the industries that bring these products into the market. Further work is under way that would see industry taking responsibility for all blue box costs. AMO and UMQ have agreed that their first joint priority is to promote a unified waste management policy framework for Ontario and Quebec.

A unified waste management and diversion policy in Quebec and Ontario would benefit communities in both provinces, improve environmental protections and benefit industry by rationalizing the rules in two thirds of the Canadian market. Two out of three Canadians are governed and served by the municipalities that belong to AMO and UMQ. 


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