The Continuous Improvement fund (CIF) had $13.5 million available to invest in 2009.

The Continuous Improvement Fund (CIF) provides grants and loans to municipalities to execute projects that will increase the efficiency of municipal Blue Box recycling and help boost system effectiveness. The CIF started up in January 2008 and has a three year mandate to direct funding support to projects that will:

  • identify and implement best practices; 
  • examine and test emerging technologies;  
  • employ innovative solutions to increase blue box materials marketed; and 
  • promote gains in cost-effectiveness that can be implemented province-wide.
The CIF has issued their 1st edition of the Continuous Improvement Fund’s e-newsletter which is attached for your viewing. This newsletter provides information on projects that CIF has been working on with communities across Ontario. CIF advises that $13.4 million has been allocated to projects already but there still remains $13.5 million available to invest in 2009.  

CIF is in the process of developing the 2010 Operations Plan and you are encouraged to discuss your ideas with CIF staff who are named in the attached e-newsletter or to discuss them directly with the AMO appointed municipal representatives on the Municipal Industry Policy Committee, who are listed below:
  • Sherry Arcaro – 705-775-2737 Ext. 317 – sarcaro@county.peterborough.on.ca
  • Craig Bartlett – 906-668-7711 Ext. 3561 – craig.bartlett@durham.ca
  • Linda Churchill (alternate) – 519-883-5100 Ext. 8421 – clinda@waterloo.on.ca
  • Rick Clow – 613-394-6266 – rick@quinterecycling.org