Canada and Ontario launched Intake 2 of the BCF Communities Component and the application process for the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund.

Federal and Provincial Ministers responsible for Infrastructure sent out joint letters today to heads of council announcing the opening of intake 2 of the Communities Component of the Building Canada Fund (BCF) and launched the application process for the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund. The deadline for applying for both programs is May 1, 2009.


AMO has been advised that the application process for the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund is very simple and that the application process for Intake 2 of the BCF Communities Component has been further streamlined. Municipalities can apply for up to 3 projects under the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund. Municipalities with populations under 100,000 can apply for the BCF Communities Component.  
Note that for both programs, projects must be completed by March 31, 2011.

Municipalities will be required to attest that the projects would not have been built over the next two construction seasons without the federal and provincial funding. Both programs require a one-third municipal financial contribution.  

A program guide and a very short application form for Stimulus Funding can be accessed at: www.bcfontario.ca. You can also access application forms for the Communities Component of the Building Canada Fund through this web site. Municipalities are encouraged to contact the Canada–Ontario Infrastructure Secretariat at 1-866-306-7827 to get a username and password to access the on-line application form. 

According to the letters, successful proponents will be notified quickly so that construction may begin. Financial agreements will be signed between the Province of Ontario and municipalities. Prior to final approval of funding and the conclusion of an agreement with the Province, the Municipality must provide proof of Council support for the approved project and the municipal contribution.
Eligible Categories:

The following are eligible project categories for Local Government Assets under the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund: 
• Water and Waste Water Infrastructure 
• Public Transit Infrastructure 
• Local Road Infrastructure 
• Disaster Mitigation Infrastructure 
• Solid Waste Management Infrastructure 
• Brownfield Redevelopment Infrastructure 
• Cultural Infrastructure 
• Airport Infrastructure 
• Port and Cruiseship Infrastructure 
• Municipal Buildings 
• Parks and Trails 

While new construction which can be completed by March 31, 2011 is eligible, the Governments of Ontario and Canada advise that existing asset rehabilitation is the primary focus of the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund program. 

Under the BCF Communities Component Intake Two there are 18 project categories: 
• Brownfield Redevelopment
• Collaborative Projects 
• Connectivity And Broadband 
• Core National Highway System 
• Culture 
• Disaster Mitigation 
• Drinking Water 
• Green Energy 
• Local And Regional Airports 
• Local Roads 
• Public Transit 
• Recreation *New*
• Shortline Railways 
• Short-Sea Shipping 
• Solid Waste Management 
• Sport 
• Tourism 
• Wastewater Infrastructure

The “Recreation” category is a new addition under Intake Two of the BCF Communities Component. Eligible municipalities with populations under 100,000 continue to be able to submit one application to this program intake. 

For further information, municipalities should review the web site www.bcfontario.ca or contact the Canada-Ontario Joint Secretariat at:
Building Canada Fund, Communities Component Joint Secretariat
1 Stone Road West, 4th Floor NW, Guelph, Ontario  N1G 4Y2
Phone: 1-866-306-7827,  Fax: 519-826-4336, Email: BCF.CC@ontario.ca

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