AMO learned from a number of member municipalities that funding for some Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) contracts had been postponed.

The Canada Ontario LIPs initiative was developed through the work of AMO’s Municipal Immigration Committee. This important initiative provided funding for communities to develop a collaborative framework to facilitate the development and implementation of sustainable local and regional solutions for successful integration of immigrants to Ontario. LIPs would help communities to put immigration on their overall planning agenda in order for communities to benefit from the successful social and economic integration of new immigrants.

The LIPs were seen by many as the central building block for improved service coordination and delivery across Ontario’s communities and ultimately improved outcomes for our community’s newcomers.

AMO has recently learned that a number of municipalities have been advised that LIPs contracts would not be signed as some federal immigration funding for 2009 and 2010 has been reprofiled for future years. Specifics regarding what this means for the future of LIPs and the funding are unclear.

AMO is advising municipalities who have negotiated or are in negotiations with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) on their LIPs contracts to contact their regional offices to determine the status of the negotiations and contracts.


AMO has contacted CIC for further clarification on the future of LIPs and will continue to address this issue through the Municipal Immigration Committee. AMO will also be communicating with the Federal Immigration Minister for clarification on this issue.