AMO provided feedback on the proposed regulations under the Long Term Care Homes Act and encouraged municipalities to do the same.

The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care is seeking feedback on the proposed regulations under the Long Term Care Homes Act. The deadline for feedback is June 5, 2009.

From AMO’s review of the proposed changes, it appears that there will be an increase in regulatory and administrative duties for long term care homes. AMO’s fundamental concern is that in the event that there is an increase in such activity, there would need to be additional Provincial funding to enable the home to meet the requirements without usurping the resources dedicated to resident care.

Ontario’s municipal governments go far beyond what they are required to do in law by investing approximately $300 million a year of municipal resources in the provincial long-term care system through the funding and operation of homes for the aged. They do so because they recognize the need for services in their communities.

While expectations on improvements in care are being raised, it is likely, that municipalities will be squeezed in a number of directions under the new regulatory framework, potentially resulting in a reduction in municipal services. AMO is hopeful that the government recognizes this risk and will take steps to provide all necessary and appropriate funding to support the implementation of the regulations.


AMO is recommending municipalities review the proposed regulations and provide comment to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care by the deadline of June 5, 2009.