Municipalities across Canada and in Ontario took action to encourage use of municipal tap water in municipal events and facilities.

Municipal councils across Canada, including 13 Ontario municipalities have taken action in recent months to limit the use of bottled water in municipal facilities where appropriate and support the use of municipal tap water by residents and visitors. AMO understands that a number of other Ontario municipalities are also considering such initiatives.

Councils across Ontario such as the cities of Sault Ste. Marie, London and Windsor, the Regional Municipality of Waterloo and the Town of Blue Mountains, amongst others, have taken action to phase out the supply and distribution of bottled water at municipal events and facilities where potable municipal water sources are available.

In some cases these have been supported through public education to increase awareness of the safety of municipal tap water, actions to increase the supply of municipal tap water at events through mobile water trucks and increase of supply of municipal tap water where necessary.

Across Canada, other municipalities such as St. John’s, Newfoundland, Charlottetown, PEI, Altona, Manitoba, Toronto and the Region of Metro Vancouver have also taken action.

These measures help to compliment long-standing positions taken by AMO and other municipal associations by increasing awareness of the affordability, health and safety of municipal tap water and the need for continuing public investments in infrastructure to provide affordable clean water to municipal residents. They also encourage stewardship of water as a valuable resource and help to reduce the amount of plastics in municipal waste streams.


Councils interested in investigating this issue are encouraged to contact those municipalities that have taken action.